White Chocolate & Raspberry-Rose Cups

A good friend of mine, self-made journalist and fabulous author of different articles recently sent me a link to a documentary I should go an watch. „Hope for All“ is a revealing and moving documentary about how eating habits in the industrialized world affect the entire planet. It shows not only inspiring life stories and fact-based arguments but also how our planet will benefit immensely if we change our eating habits. Even though I knew a lot about this topic before I felt very upset. This made me write a few lines about my story. If you haven’t watched the documentary yet I can highly recommend you to do so. You can watch it for free on amazon prime and maybe on youtube. Unfortunately this film is available only in German. For all you English speakers out there you will find a version with subtitles.

But now back to pink shades and rose petals. When I was in Singapore in February I brought a big bag of dried rose petals with me from an Indian grocery center. I once ate a yogurt with a sweet rose layer at the bottom and thought I could reproduce this magic. Back home I got that idea of a combo with homemade white chocolate.

These babies were eaten up immediately. They are creamy soft with a pleasant sweetness and a fresh berry heart. Easy to make and the special guest on every celebration. Not to mention that these little cups are perfect as a mothers day gift. Or as a refreshing treat during hot days. Looking at these pictures I could right jump into the kitchen and make another batch. By the way you can keep them easily in the freezer for a month or so and serve them thawed when guests are stopping by.

White Chocolate & Raspberry-Rose Pralinés
makes 35 Pralinés 

35 praline cups 

130g raspberries (frozen)
1/2 cup/ 8g rose petals (dried)
4 tbsp maple syrup

120g macadamia nuts (roasted & salted)
50g cocoa butter
1 vanilla-pod
3 tbsp maple syrup

Let the raspberries unfreeze some hours before or use fresh ones if in season. With an immersion blender mix together raspberries, rose petals and maple syrup until smooth. Give this mixture into a pot and bring to boil. While simmering the mixture should thicken a lot due to the caramelizing process of the maple syrup. In the end it should have a firm and not runny consistency. Let it cool down (this will enhance the thickening process.

Blend the macadamia nuts until buttery. Melt the cocoa butter in a water bath and add to the nuts. Then add 3 tbsp of maple syrup. Slit open the vanilla pod, scrape out the pith and add as well. Stir until combined. 

With a teaspoon fill a small amount of white chocolate into each praline cup until the bottom is covered. Then take a bean sized amount of the raspberry filling and place it in the center of the cup. Cover the sides and the top with more white chocolate. Put the praline into the fridge to help the chocolate harden.


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