Green Curry Paste

I did it. My first youtube video ever.

About two weeks ago I came back from my (more or less) short trip to Singapore. It was hot, busy and of course a change of scene I really needed. My dad has been staying in Singapore beforehand and I was planning to swing by. When I left for my trip it snowed in Germany, maybe the best farewell I could’ve wished for. Two days before my flight went my cousin picked me up for a little road trip to Hamburg. I stayed at a friends place and met up with an old colleague who finally brought me to Hamburg airport. And then my cultural and culinary adventure began. With a stop in Frankfurt I flew directly to Singapore where my dad waited for me to come.

I slept in his quite small apartment for one night. The next day we flew to Koh Samui (Thailand) where we stayed at a small house, uphill and in between residents. This island I can tell you was the most relaxing, beautiful and harmonious place I’ve ever been to. And the food…more than delightful. We had sweet and juicy fruits all day everyday that burst with colors.
One evening we ate out in a small hut of an old couple. She was the cook while her husband did all the chopping and slicing. Ying cooked Pad Thai and a green curry for us while she taught me the magical flavor combination of the green curry paste which is the base for a real Thai green curry. Usually the paste is made with fish sauce and shrimps, but Ying modified it to a vegan version and ground it traditionally in a mortar.

A few days later back in Singapore I directly went to a huge Indian Center to buy fresh Galangal and Kaffir Lime Leaves I took with me back to Germany. At home I reproduced a batch of the green curry paste.



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