About me


Hi, it’s me! Jana.

I am the face behind this blog and the mind behind all those stories. I am a girl born and raised in Germany and currently living in Hamburg. Most of my time I spendĀ in university studying Media Management. During some free hours I love to be in the nature or enjoy the city with my friends and family.

I am very interested in photography, I love to do small do-it-yourself projects and I like crafting. To put things in a nutshell, I am very passionated about creating stuff. My head is round a clock bursting with ideas and I could go creative all the time.

This blog is a place where I gather my all-time favorite recipes. It is a place where I want to share my evergreens and the newest inventions. A place where I will spend lots of rainy autumn-afternoons, cold winter-nights and warm summer-evenings. This blog is my little place of stories.

Feel welcome to follow me on my journey.

Let’s see which way this blog-story will go!